Digital Learning Resources

We LOVE our Frey Flames!!  Frey Teachers have worked incredibly HARD to create digital learning plans to help lessen the academic disruption that our current situation has caused.  I am so PROUD to be apart of this amazing community of families & educators!!

Visit your classroom teacher’s blog for specific lessons and activities.  

Click here for STEM, Art, Music, and PE Digital Resources


STEMtastic Campaign is Coming!


Frey Families Save the DateOur 8th Annual STEM Night is Thursday, March 12th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm! Join us for a FREE evening of STEM activities for the whole family! There will be lots of hands-on activities including Coding with Ms. Sanders and Mrs. Orr, experiencing Virtual Reality and working with Merge Cubes in the Learning Commons, exploring QuiverVision, participating in Egg-Cited for March Madness, exploring the STAR Lab with Mr. Tesar and Mrs. Scarpinato, Makerspace Challenges with Mrs. Sherman, and so much more! This is an evening you won’t want to miss!

What are Squishy Circuits?

Fab 5th graders have learned ALL about electricity: circuits, switches, conductors, insulators, electrons, and SOO much more!!  Time to put their knowledge to the test!  Using LEDs, 9-volt batteries, Play-Doh, modeling clay & wire the kids had to create a simple circuit that would conduct electricity!!  May designs FAILED in the beginning, but through collaboration and design improvement WE DID IT!!

Thanks for FREY Foundation for the supplies to make this possible!!


Can you Lift a Classmate with ONE Finger!! YES!!

4th graders are learning how simple machines can make WORK easier.  We ALL would like to use less effort to make objects move.  After learning about these simple tools, we decided to put a lever to the test!!!  These kiddos tested various scenarios, but determined that by moving the FULCRUM closer to the load heavier items could be lifted with less EFFORT!!