Meet our NEWEST Frey Flames!!

Thanks to the financial support of our Fabulous Frey Foundation, we are able to hatch chickens in the STEM Lab each spring.  This experience supports the Georgia Standards of Excellence for science at each grade level.  Your donations help to create real-world, life experiences for OUR children that will be remembered for a lifetime!!!

These FACES say it ALL!!  Thank YOU!!



THANK you, Frey Foundation!!

I LOVE kicking off an engineering challenge with literature!!

Our Frey Foundation provided the STEM lab with wind-up bath toys &  informational texts to help 3rd graders better understand the field of biomedical engineering.  We are learning about animals, such as Winter the dolphin and Beauty the eagle, whose bodies were  damaged in various accidents.  With the help of scientists, biomedical engineers, and lots of LOVE, both of these animals were able to survive & THRIVE by the use of  prosthetic devices.

In keeping with our science focus of plant & animal adaptations, the students will research the movement of specific animals who spend most of their time in water. Each small team of “biomedical engineers” will be asked to treat an animal who has lost their ability to swim due to an “accident”.

Working collaboratively, the student teams will design and create a prosthetic device that allows the animal to swim again. The engineers must ensure that the animal’s natural movement is replicated by the prosthesis.

Good Luck!!!  You Got This!!

STEMtastic Campaign is Here!!!

We could not do this without the help of these AWESOME sponsors!!!

Third Graders Design & Test Water Filters

Problem:  The water treatment facility in Acworth has been shut down. This leaves the residents of Acworth with no clean water. The city needs YOUR help to fix the problem.  Can you help us?

Each group of water treatment specialists was given a budget of $20 and list of supplies to choose from.  It wasn’t an easy task, but most groups were successful!!

Frey Firsties Observing REAL Birds’ Nests to Design their Own

Science Olympiad Team

These SUPER smart Scientists work hard EVERY Monday after school!!  Proud of these KIDS!!

Separating Mixtures of Sand, Salt, Rocks and Iron

Fifth graders collaborating in the STEM lab!!  They are deciding how to separate a mixture of iron, sand, salt, and pebbles.

Tough Stuff!!  


What Happens to Our POO When we Flush the LOO?

3rd Graders took a virtual field trip to a water treatment plant to experience what happens to our waste once it leaves our homes.  We learned how solids and liquids are separated in tanks.  We saw oxygen being pumped into the liquid so that the “good” bacteria can thrive.  It really is FASCINATING to see how our waste water goes from HAZARDOUS to HEALTHY!!

Thanks to our FREY Foundation for the technology to venture beyond our classroom walls!!



Electromagnets IN ACTION!!

Our 5th graders are learning the differences between permanent and temporary magnets.  How can we use electricity to create a temporary magnet?  How can we increase the strength of this magnet?  Well…GO ask a 5th Grader!!!!  Go..ahead!!!

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