Frey FIRSTIES are Becoming Engineers!!

It’s ONLY the 1st week of STEM Lab and our FREY Firsties are being inspired by literature!!  Chris Van Dusen’s book, If I Built a House, helps to paint a picture of a perfectly, outrageous amazing  Home!!

The kiddos were asked to build an outrageous, amazing addition to Jack’s (the main character) home!!!  Wowzers!!  We have  creative FIRST graders!!  Whoop Whoop!!!!

Hello FREY Flames!

Welcome to back to school!  It’s going to be the BEST year YET!  The Fry Flames have been AIMING HIGH for 23 years now!!  Happy Birthday to US!!

Get ready to CREATE and COLLABORATE in the STEM lab this year!!  STEM is now a part of the specials rotation.  All students will be involved in STEM activities weekly.  This gives us more time to  sharpen those CRITICAL THINKING skills and learn to  COMMUNICATE like REAL engineers.

I can’t wait to meet all of the FREY Families over the next few weeks!

Mrs. Melton