STATIC Electricity Is Exciting!!

Our 5th graders are beginning to learn about ELECTRICITY!!   We learned that everything is made of atoms, and that atoms contain protons & electrons.

Protons are “party poopers” = don’t EVER move & and have a positive charge!

Electrons are “party goers” = always on the move and have a negative charge!


Coding About Ecosystems!!


Our 4th graders have learned EVERYTHING about ECOSYSTEMS!  It is time to Show What We Know!! We are using a coding app called PBS ScratchJr. Our challenge is to demonstrate the flow of energy in an ecosystem beginning with the sun that includes producers, consumers, and decomposers.  The kids have creative flexibility to design their own sprites within the program as long as the challenge is completed.

I honestly have been BLOWN AWAY  by the coding creativity of these KIDS!!  They understand the topic and are showing their own personalities in their coding!!!  Teacher’s DREAM!!

Thanks to the FREY Foundation for the supplies to engage children on this level!!





Where do Fossils come From?

Our 3rd Graders learned ALL about fossils with their science teachers.  In STEM Lab, we created 2 different types of fossils that are commonly discovered by paleontologists. The students measured the fossils using inches and centimeters. Using evidence that we observed from the fossils, the kids predicted where the fossil could have been located.

Let’s Think Like Scientists!!!

FREY 2nd graders are learning  how to write LAB REPORTS!! This is an ELA standard that crosses over into science.  Well…let’s DO IT!! 

Question:  Which liquid will cause the candy cane to change the fastest?

Please Help if you Can!!

FREY Foundation…….Thank you!!


Our STEM Lab needed a few more iPads to allow us to create smaller collaborative learning groups for our projects.  We have such an AWESOME community and Foundation of GIVERS!!

Roller Coasters!!

Image result for roller coasters

Taking our study of Force & Motion to the next level with roller coasters!!!  2nd graders investigate how the size & weight of a marble effect how much force is needed to get it to the end of the coaster.

Shadows….OH My!!

Image result for the black rabbit read aloud

We LOVE using literature to kick off our Lessons!!  #FreyFOUNDATION  

FREY 1st graders are learning how to formulate a HYPOTHESIS when asked a question.  We are also learning that we need to conduct an INVESTIGATION to see if our HYPOTHESIS is correct.

We learned that shadows can be different colors too!!!!

Balloon Car Racers for the WIN!!

Related image

2nd Grade students worked in collaborative groups to design & create cars powered by balloons for our Force & Motion unit. We connected our project to literature by reading If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen. This was a LONG process, but all classes have FINALLY tested their creations!!  We had many successful designs!  A special congratulations goes out to the top cars that went the farthest distance in their class. 

TOP Distance = 15 feet 5 inches!!  Woohoo!!!